Frequently asked questions

Are all Amigos in your garden pet-friendly?

NO. Please do read the plant descriptions very carefully before ordering and exposing your furry friend to a new Amigo from our site. We do pride ourselves in providing mostly pet-friendly products, but sometimes the Amigo should be out of reach to ensure everyone's happiness in the home we deliver too.

Can I return an Amigo?

Unfortunately, Amigos are non-refundable. In the event you receive a severly damaged Amigo due to courier mis-handling we will be happy to replace! But do keep in mind, once in your care, you must follow the instructions recieved to keep your Amigo beautiful and at its best.

Can I request specific colors for my Amigo?

Yes! We encourage you to send us messages with your purchase so we can ensure you are completely satisfied with your Amigo. Our garden blossoms with a varitey of colors and textures - it is almost impossible to capture their absolute beauty with a single photo. We will be happy to pick the right colors if need be. In the event it is unavailbe after your purchase we will contact you directly before shipping out your Amigo.

How will you ship my Amigo?

Orders are shipped out the week of your request, after any specific circumstances are met (if any). Depending how close you are to one of our locations, you can expect to recieve your Amigo anywhere from 1-4 business days. You will receive a notice with tracking information once your Amigo has been shipped. Do beware of excess packaging! We care for the safety and integrity of your Amigo's arrival. All packaging is bio-degradable, recyclable and good for the environment.